In any accident involving several passengers it is very important to be aware of what a personal injury lawyer may uncover. Some cases appear cut and dry but in many cases there are multiple drivers at fault. Of course, if you or a loved one has been involved in such a wreck contact a personal injury lawyer today for legal advice.

Indiana School Bus Rollover Accident Results in Several Injuries

No parent wants to receive the call that their child’s school bus has been involved in a wreck, let alone tipped over. But, that is what happened in Indiana on Friday evening. If you were in the traffic jam which took place on i65 Friday during rush hour, this is why.

According to an ABC7 report, in Indiana on March 19, 2016, a school bus was stuck by a driver who spilled their drink.

The bus was carrying a high school basketball team. The team was the Griffith Panthers. They were in route to a state semifinal game in Lafayette Indiana.

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