As a general rule of thumb, if a link is never going to drive traffic and you are just obtaining it for SEO purposes, it is probably a good link to avoid. A link used, in context, from a powerful website is going to be much better. A link from a web directory is not going to magically boost any site to the top of search engines. In fact, Google’s algorithms may even determine that your website (or directory site) exists to manipulate rankings, and if that happens your website could be penalized.

Our policy

We follow all of Google’s recommendations. In fact, all outbound links here are NoFollow, which is a step further than almost all web directories go. The Personal Injury Directory is a high quality, human edited directory specifically for personal injury attorneys. All directory listings must use the same law firm’s name as used with Google My Business or Yelp. See more here: About Us.

Safe web directories specifically for personal injury lawyers:

There are many places online to get “local citations”. However, there are only a handful specifically for attorneys, or personal injury attorneys. Here they are:

Web directories to avoid

If a web directory allows you to use specific anchor text, allows you to sign up without any human verification, allows everyone to be included without rejection, or is otherwise low quality, it should be avoided.

Here are some outdated videos from Google on the subject:

web directories for personal injury lawyers

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